Lost at Sea… for 9 months

Here is an amazing story from the BBC today. 3 Fisherman were picked up near the Marshall Islands in the South Pacific last week. They had been drifting in a 25ft boat for 9 Months!! They were fishing off of the Mexican coast.. their engines broke down… and so they drifted. They lived off rain […]

Meanwhile in Iran….

In case you forgot or have been smothered by MSM coverage of the Israel/Lebanon conflict… Iran took another step towards becoming another footnote in the transformation from the old to the “new Middle East”. Today, the UN Security Council issued a resolution setting a deadline of one month for Iran to stop all nuclear enrichment […]

Israel links Iran to crisis

You knew it was coming. Ehud Olmert said that the cross-border raid in which the two soldiers were taken and eight others killed was co-ordinated with Tehran. So does that mean Israel will be setting it’s sights on Damascus or Tehran… apparently this operation will be ongoing for “weeks”… so there appears to be plenty […]