Take back control during this election.

Note: I wrote this post primarily for my Facebook timeline because I felt that was the most critical place to put it. That’s where the most vulnerable audience is. I reproduce it in full below for posterity, please do comment here on the website if you like. Thanks… Hi everyone. It’s been awhile! 🙂 I’m […]

A story about my family and the fun of the Train

On Monday I wrote a thread on Twitter about how much fun we have had as a family riding the Steam Train in Port Alberni. I’ve reproduced that little story here. I hope you enjoy it. Please donate to the WVIIHS! Every dollar helps to continue their incredible work maintaining and presenting these amazing historical […]

Live Tweet-Blog of Alberni PacRim All Candidates meeting

Done… comments coming in a later post. Final Comments, in order of presenation: Greens: Back with his display… Green pitch: Green party shares a vision for prosperity, fairness and sustainability that is achievable today. Our plan is based on a Green Economy. Shift Taxes (not raise), Green Collar Jobs. Solar Energy Generation. Local Food Production. […]