Installing the Weather34 skin on WeeWx with a remote server

Here’s a howto on installing the Weather34 Template provided by Ian Steeple using a remote webhost fed by a Weewx weather server. This Howto assumes you already have a working weewx/remote web server setup for normal weewx operations. The Weather34 package from Ian Steeple is a weewx extension and a skin. On the Weewx side […]

Re-assessing my screen time after turning off notifications and #resistfacebook

Back in November I wrote a blog about discovering the “screen time” monitoring and managing service that Apple provides on its devices. I knew I was in front of a device screen (and this doesn’t count laptop time at work or home) a lot but it was still amazing to see just how much. That […]

Monitoring and getting a handle on my Screen Time using Apple’s built in iOS tools

This morning a notification popped up on my iPad. Weekly screentime notification. The latest versions of iOS have a setting included called “Screen Time”. It is meant to help us all (adults and children) get a handle on our addiction to these devices through tracking our time on the applications that we use.  It provides […]