Learning from the past

One hundred years ago, during the last pandemic —- the H1N1 influenza virus known then as Spanish Flu —- swept the world while the world was also at war and this poster circulated in newspapers in Canada. Maybe even in Port Alberni. Today’s pandemic is from a different virus, the SARS-related 2019 corona virus or […]

Optimism: Numbers show potential big growth in Port Alberni population.

I’m a geek, as you already know from posts like this, and I also like numbers and spreadsheets, as you know from posts like this. 🙂 So of course I perked up when I saw this tweet from the CivicInfo feed at @BCHeadlines. https://twitter.com/BCHeadlines/status/1230536750168076288 BC Stats are interesting because they fill in the 5 year […]

Evolution of the Federal riding in Port Alberni since 1896.

Wow, that’s a lot of data. On January 30, I stumbled across an amazing and new resource called election-atlas.ca. It has compiled, through maps, the results of every Canadian federal and provincial election since Canada was a country! Amazing! In this blog you will find a story of the riding that has included Port Alberni […]