A Deck update.

I just wanted to let everyone know that I’ve added a couple pictures of our new deck on my previous post. We are definitely starting to enjoy it, even without stairs, which I’m sure is giving the Grandparents nightmares!! Muaaahahha 😛 Here’s the original post with the updated slideshow. If you’re having trouble viewing the […]

BC Debate Reaction

It was fairly non-eventful… though I think if anyone is declared a “winner” it will be Carol James of the NDP. I say that because she kept attacking Gordon Campbell and GC never really addressed her concern. James was on message and strong. Gordon Campbell mostly stayed on the party line.. a few times he […]

Watching my Granddaughter Grow

What a pleasure it’s been to watch Jade grow and develop this past year. Whenever we go down to visit Jade, Chris and Theresa, we see such a change in the little one. It’s a pleasure and comfort seeing the delight in our children’s eyes as they watch their “miracle baby” move through the various […]