Ray Lahm, NDP… bows out… because that’s what honourable people do.

NDP Candidate Ray Lahm bowed out of a Vancouver riding over the weekend for having what were deemed “inappropriate” pictures of himself in his underwear on Facebook. So I ask the same question MyBlahg did this morning. Which picture is worse? or

The NDP should Axe the Tobacco Tax.

Yes, they should. It adds $37 to a carton of cigarettes. Canadians have pumped $138 Billion into government coffers since Louis St. Laurent levied the first tobacco tax in 1950. And where has that gotten us? Censorship. Certain companies can’t advertise in certain places… or at all? Discrimination. Folks, stuck outside, 5 metres from everything, […]

A Deck update.

I just wanted to let everyone know that I’ve added a couple pictures of our new deck on my previous post. We are definitely starting to enjoy it, even without stairs, which I’m sure is giving the Grandparents nightmares!! Muaaahahha 😛 Here’s the original post with the updated slideshow. If you’re having trouble viewing the […]