Test post from Dashboard

If you see this post then I have made a post from within MacOS X 10.4 “Tiger”‘s “Dashboard”.

I will be very excited if this worked…

Update: I’m using the “WordPressDash” widget at Apple’s Dashboard Download page

Update 2

In case you’re wondering. “Dashboard” is a nifty little “pseudo desktop” in Apples MacOS X operating system. With one key press you are dropped into a place that is sort of “removed” from the regular operation of your computer. You should really go to Apples page to see a demonstration. Actions speak louder, and better, than words.

Anyway, in this “dashboard” you can have all sorts of very simply little applications (called “widgets”) running…. and since you can press just one key (F12) to make them appear and disappear, no matter what else is happening on your computer, they’re very easy to access.

So now I’m using a Widget that allows me to post entries to this blog from the Dashboard. I can start writing… press F12 to get back to my webbrowser or PDF or other source material… grab content and readings or links… press F12 to put write moer in the post.. and so on. It makes it very quick and easy for me to move back and forth rather than trying to keep track of multiple windows.

Hooray for MacOS X!