2009 Artic Sea Ice Maximum Fifth Lowest in Satellite Era

A new entry at the National Snow and Ice Data Center out of Colorado is out and the news is that even with this years La Nina induced cold temperatures in parts of North America, the trend of diminishing Arctic sea ice shows little sign of abating. (Emphasis Added) On February 28, Arctic sea ice […]

Long Term effects of Storms and Bad Forest Practices

Long time no blog again, mainly due to work, and, oddly, The Weather!. The last few weeks have been wild out here on the West Coast. We’ve had winds reaching 175kph, Category 2 Hurricane Force. We’ve also had torrentional rain, and a good dump of snow. All of which has made the ground fragile and […]

El Nino, Antartic Snowfall, and Hot Summer Nights

A few weather-related notes for tonight. Live Science has a few interesting stories. #1: Looks like we might be headed for an El Nino year this winter in North America. That’s the warm ocean current that hangs out off the West Coast of South America. Some of it’s known effects.. across North America Wet and […]