How to prepare communities for Peak Oil

I’m seriously thinking of putting together a small presentation for my City Council. In it, I will introduce the possibility of Peak Oil and it’s worst case scenarios for our City. I don’t believe scare tactics will ever work to really make people understand just how serious Peak Oil and the subsequent Decline will be… […]

El Nino, Antartic Snowfall, and Hot Summer Nights

A few weather-related notes for tonight. Live Science has a few interesting stories. #1: Looks like we might be headed for an El Nino year this winter in North America. That’s the warm ocean current that hangs out off the West Coast of South America. Some of it’s known effects.. across North America Wet and […]

The US/Canada Relationship ices over…

or… what to do during the hardest days between two longtime friends. Imagine for a moment, a frigid day across Canada in mid-January, 2010. The Olympics are just around the corner, the athletes are already arriving, and the whole country is revving up with excitement. A cold snap comes… nothing new for Canadians… it reaches […]