Storm proves it’s time for the City to take decisive action to protect our watershed.

What do you need to do? If you agree with this proposal and would like to see it made reality, please write to the AV News, Times Colonist, City Council, the ACRD, and the Province of British Columbia. I have contact information at the bottom of this page. To the Editor – I don’t want […]

Followup Blog: Graphs from the Referendum

I wrote a blog a few weeks ago poking at the media for making such a big kerfuffle about the “low turnout” in the Referendum after just a few days of data coming back from Elections BC.  I noted the differences in numbers indicated a likely connection to patterns in how ballots were mailed out, […]

Don’t Panic, just Vote! (and return your ballot)

Updated graphs to Nov 16 and Added individual coloured ridings graphs at bottom. Update 2: Elections BC announces actual packages returned so far. I see this Global News report that Elections BC is changing the way it is announcing numbers of ballots received. Turns out they have already received almost 20% but the number on […]