Earth Day 2019 – Letting go of the past is hard but exciting!

It’s Earth Day! On this special combination of Earth Day and Easter Monday I find myself reflecting on how it can be hard to let something go. I had a big reminder of that this week.

14 years ago, on the 22nd of June 2005, I had to let something go that was dear to me and special to my family when I was growing up.

The Fiat Spider leaving the family. June 22, 2005

In April of that year, we put our 1975 Fiat that had been in my family since 1982 up for sale along with our Langford townhouse. It was a hard decision to let go of something so special, but let go of it we did.

And yet last week, it reappeared in our life, now for sale in Parksville. It was like seeing a long lost friend. So, we bought it back!

Earth Day is about protecting and preserving the Earth and finding ways to live within Her means and today no challenge has made those limits clearer than climate change.

In the next 5-10 years we are likely to see a huge transformation of our vehicle industry from fossil fuels to electric. I had pledged to myself that my Prius C was the last car I would buy with a fossil fuel engine. I didn’t anticipate ever seeing this old friend again so I had to break that promise to myself, but now the goal will be for this car to be converted to electric (awesome example here) and one day replace one of our gas cars.

A loss has turned into an exciting opportunity.

It is very likely that in the next 10-20 years humanity will be forced to abandon the idea of the “happy motoring” lifestyle completely.

That will be a difficult thing for us all to let go.

However, the opportunity presented by transforming our way of life is more exciting than anything humanity has experienced before.

So on this Earth Day I continue down this long and exciting road doing everything I can for my family today and in the future. I won’t be afraid of changes that may come. I will go where life takes me and do it with love and fun in my heart and a determination to always improve myself, my family, and my world.

Happy Earth Day. Happy Easter. Keep fighting for the future of your family and your planet! 🌍 ❤️

Where did the Banners go?

A letter sent to the AV News on Monday. We’ll file this under business to community relationships. 🙂

Image From Google Street view Captured April 16, 2019. Date of image unknown likely after 2016.

Dear Editor,
It’s funny how you get so used to seeing things in a certain place and in a certain way that when they disappear it can take a while to realize it. Such as it has been with the poles and banners at Stamp and Roger. The last banners I remember being up were at Christmas. Then the poles disappeared too.

I realize the property ownership has changed and I hope this is just a hiccup while the new owners work to put something new there for the community to use.

I’d hate to think that this common and important place for announcements for at least the past 40 years has been quietly taken away for good.  If that is the case, I’d suggest the San Group, especially as a new member of the community, should reconsider their decision.

Chris Alemany

Time for a Protest March! Cherry Creek Rd Forest Office. 10AM April 6

Just wrote this thread about it on twitter so I might as well put it up here and encourage y’all to come along. We will walk down Johnston to Scott Fraser’s office.

Here’s a link to Section 21 of the PMFLA. It says:

Restriction on local government authority regarding uses of private managed forest land
21   (1) A local government must not do any of the following in respect of land that is private managed forest land if doing so would have the effect of restricting, directly or indirectly, a forest management activity:
(a)adopt a bylaw under any enactment;
(b)issue a permit under section 8 (3) (l) [authority in relation to buildings and other structures] of the Community Charter or Division 1 [Building Regulation] of Part 9 [Regional Districts: Specific Service Powers] of the Local Government Act;
(c)issue a permit under Part 14 [Planning and Land Use Management] of the Local Government Act.
(2) For certainty, this section applies if the bylaw or permit would have the effect described in subsection (1) even though the bylaw or permit does not directly apply to land referred to in that subsection.

Hope to see you there!