She’s Free!

Sorry for not posting Monday or Tuesday but it being being back at work has given me a lot less time to get everything else done!

Big news today! Theresa is FREE! She’s out of the hospital and back at home. Her BP on Monday was 135/90 and stayed there all day… the doctors let her get up out of bed and walk down to see Jade. Yesterday, I got home and was greeted with the smell of something yummy in the oven and a little note on the counter saying, “Hi Hun! I’m Free! I’ll be back in a few minutes!”.

You can imagine my surprise.

So, the doctors were happy that her BP was staying down and so they’ve let her out on condition that she stays relatively inactive for a week or two and keeps up her regime of BP medication. They didn’t say exactly how long that will last but probably a week.

More Big News from Jade yesterday too! She’s getting stronger it seems. She’s growing about 20g per day. Last night she was up to 822g I think. The day before she was 808g. They went from starting her on 2ml of breast milk every 3 hours to 8ml every three hours! So she’s really going to start growing.

There was also a big milestone for mom and babe… Theresa went in to see her and they let T hold Jade against her chest for the first time! Real Mom/Babe bonding time! Theresa says she was pretty nervous and tense at first… but Jade just fell asleep against her chest, so it was pretty special. The nurses say she can do that (be out of the isolette) once a day for about 20min max. But if she continues doing well then they could raise that to once a shift (every 12 hours).

And there is yet more news to report! Last night T and I went to visit Jade… I got to hold Jade, just within her isolette while they were getting ready to weigh her. That was pretty special. But what made it even more memorable was… she peee-d on me! I didn’t notice at first because it was so warm in the isolette, then I put her down and noticed the little puddle in her diaper and drips on my hand! Thanks Jade! I’m sure that won’t be the last time… we all had a good laugh about it and Theresa was pretty smug that I got peed on first. 🙂

Anyway, I think that’s about it. Everyone is doing really well, I have a couple more pictures and videos from last night so I’ll post those later today.

I’m also going to set up Theresa on here so that she can post as well.

Until next time…

New Decisions — 782g

Hi everyone.

Well, another day of firsts. This time I’ll start with Jade.
She’s still doing great but has a little Apnea (interrupted breathing). This is very common for premies (I think it’s official name is ‘Apnea of Prematurity?’). Anyway it basically means that she can slow down or stop breathing for short periods (5 seconds?) which lowers her heart rate and, of course, her oxygen level in her blood. Not a good thing, but the nurses are prepared (They seem to be prepared for anything).

We were asked by the nurses whether we would like to participate in a study of a med that they have commonly given premies with Apnea but it’s never been officially recommended as a treatment for the condition. So, this study (put on by McMaster U) aims to find out what the long term effects are, if any, to using a specific medication called Caffeine Citrate to treat Apnea. The decision that we seemed to be faced with if we were on the study then there was a 50/50 chance that the medication that the study provided was Not Caffeine Citrate (which is what they would normally use anyway) but rather a Placebo (which is basically just salty-water, does nothing so that the study has a “control” group to compare against).

So I asked the nurse what would happen if they found that the Study medication that they were giving Jade wasn’t working?? Well, of course she reassured me that there were lots of other medications and techniques to help Jade through her Apnea. So that was reassuring. She also reassured us that they wouldn’t be giving the drug any more or less than they would if we weren’t participating. So we’ve decided to help out science a little and Jade will participate in the study.

Lots of Firsts

So here’s another post… ooo Back-to-Back.

Theresa is doing ok today. She had another little bit of trouble with her BP last night but it’s back down (or at least controlled) this morning. She got to see Jade this morning so that was really good. Like Dr. Stubbs said, nothing lowers a mothers blood pressure like seeing and touching and holding her baby!

I had a big day of my own today! I went in to see Jade and the nurse asked me if I wanted to do some of the morning “chores” (ok, she didn’t really ask me, she sort of told me nicely like only a nurse can).

So I got to change Jades’ diaper for the first time! It’s so Big for her! I think I did a pretty decent job of it though… folded it down a bunch so that she didn’t have a diaper all the way up to her nose.

Then I had to swab out her mouth and get rid of all those crusty dry bits in her mouth. That’s the second time I’ve done that, so I’m all pro.

The last thing they had me do was take her temperature. I took the little wand and pointed it into her armpit and held her little arm there (cuz she likes to air out her arms) and the little machine beeped and read 37.5C. A little above normal so they turned down the Isolette/Incubator a little. As she grows, Jade will start producing more of her own body heat, so they have to keep a close eye on her temperature so that the incubator isn’t too hot for her. Of course they also use it to check to make sure she doesn’t have any infections or a fever.

Other than that I don’t think there’s too much else to say. I have a bunch of pictures to post so I’ll get on that right now and I’ll probably post again later this evening.