Saturday : 786g

Well, it’s been over a week now since the craziness started. It’s amazing how fast things change, I’m glad I’m blogging all this here because there’s no way I’d be able to remember all the details.

Went in early to see T this morning. She woke up this morning with a really bad headache… the nurses have been asking her ever since she got there whether she was having headaches or any visual weirdness. Well, today was the day. Her blood pressure was way up (180/122) so they gave her a new, brown pill and a little tylenol. It took away her headache and knocked down her BP to 140/90… lower than it’s been for 4 or 5 days.

Unfortunately, the spike means the nurses are really leary about letting her out of bed long enough to go see Jade. But there are Doctors orders now to let her go at least 3 times a day so hopefully now that the new medication is having a positive effect, she can go see Jade later this afternoon.

Other than the BP Theresa is feeling better and better. Her stomach doesn’t hurt nearly as much anymore… still pretty sore when she gets up, but the swelling has gone down even more so that’s relieved a lot of pressure off the stitchs from the surgery.

She officially has elbows again and she can feel her ribs again and her legs are only about twice the size as they originally wear.. so all in all she’s looking and feeling much more like Theresa.

As for Jade… big news last night was her weight. 786g. 6 grams more than when she was born! Hooray! Apparently a bit of that is fluid from the new IV, but it’s still a great gain! So we know she’s growing nicely!

I also asked about the Ultrasound they took of her head and body on Tuesday and apparently it all came back fine. So that’s more encouragement. She doesn’t have any air in her belly anymore so we can really see her take breaths. It’s a little strange looking because she’s of course not really used to breathing so she’s pretty jerky and spastic sometimes. But I guess as long as she’s getting all the oxygen she needs it’s OK! 🙂

Oh ya… and along those lines, she’s been back down to normal air since last night and into today. So that’s great. The less oxygen the better!

I think that’s it for now!

Doctors Orders!

Hi everyone.

It’s been another good day. Almost as good as the weather out here! WOW has it been warm and sunny… I have to keep on top of all this plant watering too!

Anyway… 🙂

When I went in today I was stunned to see the Real Theresa smiling up at me from bed. She has cheekbones and wrists and fingers again! YAY! So things are going pretty well on that front. She’s still got a long way to go before she’s gotten rid of all the water she’s got stored in her… but progress is definitely happening.

Dr. Stubbs, the Dr. who was on duty for Theresa when she had Jade on Monday came in today and was apparently horrified to find out that the nurses and other doctors weren’t letting Theresa see Jade while she had high BP. *Balderdash!* she said… Theresa should be seeing Jade at LEAST 3 times a day she proclaimed! What better way to lower a mothers blood pressure??

So as of now, Theresa will be allowed to hop in a wheelchair and go see Jade after every dose of BP medication she gets (3 times/day). No matter what her BP is doing. And if her BP is good… she can see Jade as much as she wants.

I like this doctor.

Jade is doing well today too. She had a few new things to deal with though, poor girl, life would be so much easier for her inside her mommy. The bili-lights have been taken away… so that’s good. Now though she has a little tube down her throat and into her belly. Apparently she was swallowing some air from the little CPAP on her nose… so they wanted to make sure that air got out of there… then they would start feeding her!

She also now has what looks like a little cast on her arm. I’ll take a picture tonight, but it’s for her new IV. They took one out that was in her bellybutton/umbilical because those often get infected and put this new one in her arm. Apparently they can stay there for weeks and not get infected or disrupt the baby in any way. So I guess it’s all good. But now she looks like she just fell off her bike!

I’ll be back later with more pictures.



Travelling Pictures

I was looking at the statistics for my webpage a little while ago and noticed that the most common ways people were coming to my site was via searches for some of the places I’ve been like Courseilles-Sur-Mer, Valencia, Menorca and some of the others.

So, I just wanted to post this so that the search engines might find me again and help out a few more people with pictures and stuff.