Squirmy Wirmy: 972g

Hi everyone!

Sorry for not updating lately, I’m sure you can imagine how busy we’ve both been lately.

All is well though, Jade is still growing about 10g everyday. Last night she was 972g which is about 2lbs 2oz I think. She’s looking noticeably “fuller” lately, she doesn’t seem to have as many wrinkles of skin in her elbows and knees. Her head is definitely growing, we can’t really tell by looking, but her little pink toque is starting to get too tight for her so that must mean something! There are already other toques ready to assume their duty.

She’s opening her eyes a lot more now when she’s awake. She used to just squirm about, but now she squirms AND opens her eyes. What’s more, her pupils are contracting a lot more so we can actually see the color of her eyes sometimes. They’re bluey-green.

Hmm… lets see what else. Oh, we’re slowly accumulating all this baby stuff! I think our apartment is going to eventually overflow with baby fixings… not that that’s a bad thing… but WOW we already have all this cool stuff and we still need other things!

Theresa and her mom will be wallpapering Jades room on the weekend, that’ll bring it one step closer to being done. It’ll look awesome when it is.

That’s about it I guess. I keep hearing about all these people who are reading my site… I’m amazed there are so many people interested in our little girl. OK, no I’m not… she’s pretty amazing herself!

Thank you for reading.


Leopard Spots:932g

Hi everybody!

Well, the title isn’t about Baby Jade today.. at least not the first part. I came home today to find poor Theresa all spotty and speckled. When she was in the hospital they gave her a Rubella immunization (Measles) because hers had apparently worn off. Well, looks like it gave her spots.. everywhere. Doctor said it’s not contagious because the shot they give you isn’t actually Measles… but she said it was probably better for her not to go see Jade while she still had the rash. Poor girl.

So I went to see Jade last night. Things were pretty good. The nurses got a few X-Rays done for her the past couple days because she had been breathing quite shallow and her blood work indicated she had low blood-gas (I think) They were looking for an infection or anything like that but didn’t find anything bad… just her lungs were still a little underdeveloped. So, they’ve put her on “high-flow” oxygen to make sure she gets enough (she was on “Low flow” before). She’s still breathing all on her own though. She has a few Apneas (stops breathing) everyday along with a few “Bradys” (heart rate drops below 100bpm.. usual rate is 140-170). That’s basically what keeps her in the hospital, once she is able to go a couple days without having an Apnea, and of course she can breast feed, then they’ll send her home.

She’s 932g eating 19ml of breast milk (or formula if they’re out of Moms milk) per feeding.

I changed her diaper last night.. I’m much better at it now I think… it didn’t look like she was wearing a toga when I was done. I rubbed a little olive oil on her skin where she had dry bits.

That’s about it.. I took a picture of her because she had her eyes open. But then I just went home to take care of T.

Talk to you soon!