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Jade is another day older and doing great. She is on a little oxygen for the first time this morning.
Nurse said she was tired and needed a little help so she’s on 25.9% oxygen (normal air is 21%).
She’s still doing great though and looks better everyday.
At last check she was 740g which is just fine.
I think we discovered that she is Left handed. She keeps trying to get the nasty little prongs out of her nose with her little hand. They had to put a glove on her hand to keep her from fiddling with it.
Theresa is still recovering. She’s still in quite a bit of pain from the surgery and from the swelling.
Her body is slowly getting rid of all that fluid though, so she should be back to normal within a week or two hopefully.

Theresa is out of Intensive Care now and has been admitted into the Maternity ward so that she can recover. She’s still in rough shape but things are progressing well, hopefully by tomorrow the puffiness will have subsided more and along with it her BP and pain.
She should be able to see the baby tomorrow as well if she continues improving so that’s certainly top priority. She’s heard about all the support and good thoughts that are beaming to her from all of you so we thank you all.

I will try to keep everyone updated on how Jade and Theresa are doing. Her due date was actually August 11!
Things are pretty day-to-day right now with Jade because she was so early. 28 weeks is the minimum they like and she was just under 27.
Theresa is getting better and should hopefully be home in a week but Jade won’t be home for at least a couple months.

Stay Tuned! I’ll update those pictures as I go!

First Post

Hi Everyone.
As you can see I’ve changed my site.
To those who may have never seen these things… this is known as a “Web Log” or “Blog” for short.

It’s alot easier for me to quickly post updates using this system than on my old webpage. So I hope you enjoy it.
I’ll be sure to relink all the pictures and stuff too.

This way you can also post comments directly on the site by clicking on the Comments button! NEAT HUH? 🙂


I will have the pictures linked on the side of the page (Where it says “Links”) in a bit. But until I do I want to make sure everyone can get at them.

So here are all the links to pictures on my webpages.
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