To The Editor: COVID19 and Climate Change

Dear Editor,

I write this after two and a half months of working at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic and 25 years of hearing about taking action on climate change.

We now know the stark difference when people listen to scientists and when they don’t. In B.C. we have lost lives but we listened to the calm advice of Dr. Henry and flattened our curve. We continue because we must. We have seen very different and extreme outcomes elsewhere.

With climate change, we passed the ‘first wave‘, let’s call it Kyoto, and we have done very poorly. We are feeling the drastic impacts; forest fires, salmon runs dying off, the Arctic melting, rivers drying up, entire species at risk. If we do not start to listen to experts now, the second wave could lead to unimaginable and extreme consequences.

Could you have imagined being in this pandemic situation at Christmas? Probably not. But scientists and experts in the field did. That is why they knew what to do. COVID has shown we can do drastic but good things when we must. It has brought us together. 
We must do the same to zero our carbon emissions. Scientists say we have a chance but only if we take drastic action now, not to shut down our economy, but to immediately change it. If we choose to listen to scientists on COVID19 but not Climate Change then we are still choosing our fate.

Chris Alemany

Dear City (ACRD): Public Transit brings independance, choice and stronger communities

This letter was sent to the ACRD Board on May 15.
This is an update, of sorts, to this post about the potential service.

Dear ACRD Board,

I write this as a daily commuter and general user of public transit for most of the past 20 years in Qualicum, Parksville, Nanaimo, and Victoria. There are a lot of preconceived notions about buses that people have when a route is considered especially in a place that has never seen bus service. I hope this letter can help.

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To the Editor: Credit where credit is due

Praise should come at least as quickly as concern.

With news this week that San Group has bought another mill in the Valley, it is becoming clear they are here to stay and in a way we have not seen other companies do for a long time.

A few years ago when I heard of the possibility that San Group was going to buy the Coulson mill, and then build on Stamp, I was skeptical and apprehensive. The community had spent a lot of time, effort and $75,000 in 2013/2014 planning on the redevelopment of the “Waterfront North” area including the formerly unoccupied Catalyst land. There was a lot at stake.

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