Finally… movement on UN Reform

There has finally been what looks like movement in the glacial pace of UN reform. (Audio Podcast Available) CNN is reporting that the US has endorsed expanding the Permanent membership of the UNSC to 7 members. With one of those new members being Japan. CNN suggests other frontrunners for Permanent seats are Germany, Brazil, Israel, … Continue reading “Finally… movement on UN Reform”

Canada to send 150 to Darfur

News sources are reporting that Canada intends to send 150 military personnel to help the AU in a peacekeeping mission in Sudan. They will also be lending some old equipment for the African troops to use (god knows we have plenty of that lying around). 150 doesn’t seem like much… but at least it’s something. … Continue reading “Canada to send 150 to Darfur”

International Foreign Policy Analysis: Diplomacy

This isn’t a “light” document… there is plenty to digest. If you’re really into it I suggest alloting a good hour to go through it. That said, you should be able to get the gist of the policy from the first few pages. Let it be known that I am basically treating this document as … Continue reading “International Foreign Policy Analysis: Diplomacy”

Kofi Annan releases report on UN Reform

Kofi Annan has finally released his report and recommendations on how to go about reforming the United Nations. I’m in the process of looking through it. It’s, of course, very large. But already I see encouraging facets to the recommendations. Even if they may not go far enough, they are definitely going in the right … Continue reading “Kofi Annan releases report on UN Reform”