Touring the Galaxy, at 1500KM/Second!

Some things are just too big to imagine. Supernovas… the giant explosive deaths of stars, which themselves are hard to imagine… (In a few billion years, our own star will go “Nova”, not super.. unfortunately there will be no inhabitants of the Earth left to see it. Indeed, the Earth will be engulfed, eaten, by […]

Mini-Hydro and alt-energy grows in BC

Good news from my neck of the woods. Last week, BC Hydro announced a new generation projectrs from Independant Power Producers. Political objections about allowing business to control electrical energy resources aside… it *is* good that new generating capacity will be coming online in BC, and the majority of it is from renewable sources. A […]

SCRAM-bled Jets

Ya know, going fast is really great and all. And God knows it’s a hellish 18+ hour flight to Sydney, Australia from Vancouver. But this is going a little overboard. A British-led consortium is testing SCRAM jet technology in Australia. Exciting stuff. Potentially very big development for rockets and other space related purposes. The Article […]