Installing the Weather34 skin on WeeWx with a remote server

Here’s a howto on installing the Weather34 Template provided by Ian Steeple using a remote webhost fed by a Weewx weather server. This Howto assumes you already have a working weewx/remote web server setup for normal weewx operations. The Weather34 package from Ian Steeple is a weewx extension and a skin. On the Weewx side […]

One week to go before historic Electric Sea Plane takes flight!

Update! Flight happening Tuesday 8AM. Due to weather forecast on Wednesday they have moved up the test flight day to Tuesday morning! Livestream will be here Stream will start at 8AM and they are hoping for takeoff around 8:30AM. We are pretty lucky here in B.C. to have a lot of very innovative and frankly […]

Take back control during this election.

Note: I wrote this post primarily for my Facebook timeline because I felt that was the most critical place to put it. That’s where the most vulnerable audience is. I reproduce it in full below for posterity, please do comment here on the website if you like. Thanks… Hi everyone. It’s been awhile! 🙂 I’m […]