Pandemic a time for the new generations to lead.

We do what must be done. In times of crisis, humanity naturally comes together. We help each other. We volunteer to do our part. We look after those who are in need. As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads around the world a few things have become clear. 1) Without strong preventative measures, it spreads quickly and […]

Optimism: Numbers show potential big growth in Port Alberni population.

I’m a geek, as you already know from posts like this, and I also like numbers and spreadsheets, as you know from posts like this. 🙂 So of course I perked up when I saw this tweet from the CivicInfo feed at @BCHeadlines. BC Stats are interesting because they fill in the 5 year […]

Evolution of the Federal riding in Port Alberni since 1896.

Wow, that’s a lot of data. On January 30, I stumbled across an amazing and new resource called It has compiled, through maps, the results of every Canadian federal and provincial election since Canada was a country! Amazing! In this blog you will find a story of the riding that has included Port Alberni […]