OK. So which would you pick? This for a cool $12 million Canadian on Point Grey in Vancouver? Or your own town for a reasonable $7 million! In other news. Various sites are reporting on a study put out by Colorad State University that shows that the cost of Wind generated power has finally hit […]

CLI commands on XServe

Here’s another tech post for you to digest. Todays fun has to do with configuring an Apple XServe. These are very very sweet machines, and not just due to their impressive performance. These things come headless (without videocard/monitor) by default, so even though Apple provides some nice remote administration programs you must use a number […]

VPN Setup on Windows 2003 Server

This will be another entry for work purposes. I’m in the process of migrating our network from two Windows 2000 servers down to one Windows 2003 server running pretty much everything. I’m a little paranoid about having everything running off of one server, but… such is the need. Right now I’m setting up VPN access […]