Updated Feb 12, 2020 – A Question of Honour and Reconciliation

Updated February 12, 2020 – The School District agrees to change the name. This post was originally written on January 8, 2017 when the issue of the streets and the school first came to the community in a big way. I wondered for a while whether to make a new post and reference this one, […]

Natural Gas “ban” in Vancouver and what Port Alberni is doing

Subtitle: “In defense of difficult, yet necessary, conversations and policy.” (Updated, see P.S. And P.P.S. At the bottom) I am about to say something controversial. (Big surprise right? :)). The City of Vancouver’s policy on 100% use of renewable energy by residents and business in the City and an 80% reduction in GHG emissions before 2050 […]

RFPs to nowhere. Managing expectations.

Ask anyone what they think the most important job of a City is and they will probably say something that includes the words ‘roads’, ‘bridges’, and ‘sewers’. It is without question that the biggest bill the city faces in terms of tangible, in-your-face, infrastructure is maintaining and replacing those three general things.  So it follows that when the public […]