Travelling Pictures

I was looking at the statistics for my webpage a little while ago and noticed that the most common ways people were coming to my site was via searches for some of the places I’ve been like Courseilles-Sur-Mer, Valencia, Menorca and some of the others. So, I just wanted to post this so that the […]

Mom improves more

Well, I went in today and found Theresa up and happily chatting with her Mom. Within a few minutes of me getting there the Nurse came in and announced she was moving the the “Mother/Babe” area of the hospital (where the new moms usually go after having their baby). Her blood pressure had gone down […]

Two Steps Forward…

One step back. Well yesterday was a big day.. T got to wash up and see Baby Jade. Today we moved out of the AntePartum ward and into Mother/Babe… we even got rid of all the nasty tubes. Unfortunately this afternoon Theresas’ BP went up again and stayed up, so no visit to Jade today. […]