Big Sleeper:1702g

3 pounds 12oz! Just a quick one… went to see Jade last night. She’s doing VERY well. She hasn’t had an Apnea or Brady for several days. My friend Erin came along and she had her new digital camera so she took a whole bunch of pictures! Miss Jade peed all over my hand as […]

Thinking Outside the Box:1622g

Alright, sorry I haven’t been able to update the webpage lately. This week seems to have been busier than most. And plus I didn’t have a camera with which to take pictures… But that all changed last night! You can go see the new pictures right now! I also shot a little video, so look […]

Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’: 1390g

Well. Was I ever a Happy Father for Fathers Day yesterday. I got back from Vancouver and visited Jade with Theresa. She’s now about 3 lbs 4oz. She’s looking more and more like a cute little chubby baby. She grew an amazing 80g in one day on Saturday! She lost 8g yesterday I believe so […]