What price are you willing to pay… for Oil and Gas?

Viagra online That’s the question you, as a consumer, and as a citizen of a resource rich country like Canada should be asking yourself. Why? Because others have designs on resources to continue Business As Usual, regardless of the cost. The Council on Foreign Relations released a report on the Oil Sands last week named […]

Coal Trains still coming back to Vancouver Island?

Certainly looks like it. A few months ago there were some articles online about a company looking to get the rights to and then mine coal near Courtney here on Vancouver Island. It caused quite a stir, particularly in the rail community as the company directly mentioned the close proximity to the E&N and the […]

BC Election 2009… Polls Close… continuing coverage tonight

Generally… I’m already depressed about the possible result. But I’m going to remain optimistic. I’ve put this post in the categories of Climate Change and Peak Oil because I think the coming decade, 2010-2020, will be pivotal, crucial, in the development of BC and of humanity as a whole as both of those challenges come […]