Here we go again… Oil Price Speculation or Real? this morning has an article that I wasn’t expecting until at least August this year. But here it is all the same. The topic? Oil Prices Resist the World’s Recession Trend Their main point: The resilience shown by the oil markets is not because of any improvement in the global economy or rise in […]

Join my Facebook Group! Don’t Axe the Carbon Tax!

This promise by Carole James and the BC NDP to axe the “Gas Tax” as they call it is regressive and just plain dangerous for our environment. Not only that, it shows a complete lack of principles. Because of this, I’ve decided to create a Facebook Group to try to gather people, of all political […]

The NDP should Axe the Tobacco Tax.

Yes, they should. It adds $37 to a carton of cigarettes. Canadians have pumped $138 Billion into government coffers since Louis St. Laurent levied the first tobacco tax in 1950. And where has that gotten us? Censorship. Certain companies can’t advertise in certain places… or at all? Discrimination. Folks, stuck outside, 5 metres from everything, […]