One week to go before historic Electric Sea Plane takes flight!

Update! Flight happening Tuesday 8AM. Due to weather forecast on Wednesday they have moved up the test flight day to Tuesday morning! Livestream will be here Stream will start at 8AM and they are hoping for takeoff around 8:30AM. We are pretty lucky here in B.C. to have a lot of very innovative and frankly […]

Let’s Recycle Everything at the Curb – Complexity is OK.

Complexity is ok if it makes sense. Have you ever felt like everyone is treating you like an idiot? Not in a mean way, but more like “Well, let’s make this as simple as possible so lots of people do it!“ There is plenty of merit to the old “Keep It Simple Stupid” principle, but […]

To The Editor: Repeal Section 21. Allow communities to manage ungrateful, greedy private forest land owners.

[PREAMBLE: Before I get to the letter, I want to expand on this a bit. As the kids say these days… I have a lot of “feels” when it comes to this issue, thus the slightly strong title to this article. I am sure many of you reading this have strong feelings too.