Two Steps Forward…

One step back. Well yesterday was a big day.. T got to wash up and see Baby Jade. Today we moved out of the AntePartum ward and into Mother/Babe… we even got rid of all the nasty tubes. Unfortunately this afternoon Theresas’ BP went up again and stayed up, so no visit to Jade today. […]

Thursday Morning

OK. So I was up a little too late last night fiddling with this new webpage. But I think it’s going to work very nicely. I just want to make sure everyone sees two things: 1) The section on the Left called “Pictures and Movies”. That’s where you can see all the pictures I have […]

Getting Better

I went back to the hospital at 9:30PM to see Theresa and found her sleeping. She woke just a little and told me she was feeling a whole lot better. She said she felt cozy in her blankets. I don’t think she’s felt cozy in bed for at least 2 months! So she Must be […]