Lots of Firsts

So here’s another post… ooo Back-to-Back. Theresa is doing ok today. She had another little bit of trouble with her BP last night but it’s back down (or at least controlled) this morning. She got to see Jade this morning so that was really good. Like Dr. Stubbs said, nothing lowers a mothers blood pressure […]

Saturday : 786g

Well, it’s been over a week now since the craziness started. It’s amazing how fast things change, I’m glad I’m blogging all this here because there’s no way I’d be able to remember all the details. Went in early to see T this morning. She woke up this morning with a really bad headache… the […]

Doctors Orders!

Hi everyone. It’s been another good day. Almost as good as the weather out here! WOW has it been warm and sunny… I have to keep on top of all this plant watering too! Anyway… 🙂 When I went in today I was stunned to see the Real Theresa smiling up at me from bed. […]