Growing Stronger: 850g

Well, Mom is out of the hospital, so there isn’t much to say about her anymore and I’m sure she’s happy about that. 🙂 Jade is continuing to do really well. I just put up the latest pictures and movies so be sure to check them out there are some real treasures. Jade is now […]

She’s Free!

Sorry for not posting Monday or Tuesday but it being being back at work has given me a lot less time to get everything else done! Big news today! Theresa is FREE! She’s out of the hospital and back at home. Her BP on Monday was 135/90 and stayed there all day… the doctors let […]

New Decisions — 782g

Hi everyone. Well, another day of firsts. This time I’ll start with Jade. She’s still doing great but has a little Apnea (interrupted breathing). This is very common for premies (I think it’s official name is ‘Apnea of Prematurity?’). Anyway it basically means that she can slow down or stop breathing for short periods (5 […]