Originals Online

Hi again, I’m uploading a zip file (an archive) that contains the originals of all the pictures I’ve posted of Jade. I was going to upload an original of each individual picture but it would just take up too much space, so I have to do the zip file. There will be a link to […]

Happy Long Weekend!: 874g

Hi everyone! Hope you’re all enjoying your weekend. After a rainy day yesterday it cleared up in the evening and today it’s warm and sunny! Everyone is doing great here. Theresa is feeling better and better. Soon her stomach will be healed, or at least comfortable. Jade is doing great too! We went in on […]

A little Blood never hurt anyone

So yesterday I got a bit of a scare. Theresa phoned around lunch time, in tears, to tell me that they were going to give Jade a blood transfution because her Red Blood Cell count was low. Poor girl, she was really upset about it. They phoned her so that they could get her consent […]