Apnea free: 1316g

2lbs 14.5oz! She grew 70g in one day yesterday!!! (that’s almost 3oz) Hey everybody! It’s been an exciting couple days! From her birthday until last night at 10PM Jade had only had ONE Brady and no Apneas! This is compared to the 5 or 6 a day that she would have before! It’s nice to […]

Happy Birthday Jade!!:1210g

Jade is One Month old today! Hooray for little Jade! I’m sure if she could speak she’d thank you all and then rattle off some hilarious one-liner (cuz she’s got a great sense of humour ya know 😉 )… but she can’t quite speak yet. So I’ll just say thanks for her! Happy Birthday to […]

Weed like Growing: 1138g

2lbs 8oz It’s incredible how fast Jade is growing.. you can really see it now. Her head is bigger, her diaper almost fits, she has calf muscles, she has baby fat around her upper arms, she looks more and more like.. a baby! That said, I still look over at the baby beside Jade and […]