The Annual Tax Brawl Begins – Check those numbers.

It’s that time of year again, no, not Thanksgiving, or Black Friday, or even giving Tuesday. It’s the time of year cities start to work on their annual Five Year plans. I was going through the local news sites this morning at AVNews (Port Alberni proposes 5.1 percent tax increase for 2020) and the Peak […]

To The Editor: Repeal Section 21. Allow communities to manage ungrateful, greedy private forest land owners.

[PREAMBLE: Before I get to the letter, I want to expand on this a bit. As the kids say these days… I have a lot of “feels” when it comes to this issue, thus the slightly strong title to this article. I am sure many of you reading this have strong feelings too.

Dear City: The Unseen are Easily Ignored.

Dear Mayor and Council, [This letter and information was sent to City Council on November 26th in time for the Organizational Meeting on December 2 at 2PM – Council Chambers where I am told the final decision will be made. You can send your feedback to the city through:] I see in last night’s […]