This is the number one issue of our time.

It has been diminished, ignored or avoided by politicians for too long. It deserves and requires our utmost highest attention and politicians should not be afraid to say so. Decisions taken by council can have repercussions lasting decades or even centuries. Too often politicians will make decisions based on what will get them elected next time, rather than what is good for the City over the long term. The decisions I make will be through the lens of the fact that climate change is upon us and we must do what we can to both mitigate it and adapt to it.

Create a Climate Action Committee

I was a member of the Climate Change Committee in 2008. That experience is a big reason why I have now decided to run!

The final recommendation of the Climate Change Committee report was to create a permanent Climate Committee to revue and create City policy in order to reduce emissions both in the Corporation of the city and in the community as a whole. This was never done. It is long past time this was done.

Encourage residents to switch to efficient electric heating (while also showing how to reduce Hydro bills!).

Upnit Power (of which Port Alberni has part ownership) is a great success. We must pursue more renewable energy partnerships and projects including the District Energy plan.

Create a tax break or grant for big home efficiency upgrades (PassivHaus).

Join Solar Community (Solar Hot Water and PV)


Bike lanes and paths throughout the City.

Roger Creek foot/bike bridge at 10th Ave or North Island College to Johnston Road corridor.

Designated truck route along Highway 4 and new Waterfront Industrial road to keep costs to City maintenance at minimum.

Reactivation of railway to further reduce wear and tear on our roads, increase low cost options for Industry, Business and People and improve GHG and energy efficiency. See my website for more.

fullmap1I’ve also presented a plan to the Regional District of Nanaimo to expand their transit system to include use of the railway. In time could include passenger service to Port Alberni? What do you think?

And while we’re talking Transit, we should investigate summertime free city bus with an extension to Sproat Lake.


Continue to encourage Farmers Market and Market Gardens.

Edible City. New trees should be fruit or nut trees.

Work with Regional District and business to encourage connections between local farmers and local stores and also attract young farmers to Valley.


Pursue full slate of Air Quality Monitoring

Work with Forest Companies to reduce in-Valley slash burning and protect water.

Continue City/RD Wood Stove Exchange program.

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