Affordable trickle Hydro power

An inventor in the UK has come up with a device that is:(The Herald)

the first off-the-shelf water wheel system which can generate a good supply of electricity from a waterfall as little as 20cm in height.

That good supply? About 1 to 2KW … or 24-28KWh per day.

Now my household uses around 42KWh per day. But considering the potential for this device to be placed not only in small brooks and streams, but also in water supply systems (potentially throughout a houses plumbing system… no need for just one) and water drain/waste systems as well. This incredbly efficient device could have a huge impact on residential and industrial power generation.

The Device is known as a “Beck Mickle low head micro hydro generator“.

They’re currently taking the steps to bring it to market. It is supposed to be relatively low cost, around $4000 at the start. If it could pay half my electricity bill… that would make it pay off in around 5 years at current rates (which will likely go up) and if I don’t mitigate my electricity usage (which I plan to do 🙂 ).