Iranian election scene gets ugly

As we approach the June 17 election it appears that things will be getting a little uglier before they get better.

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The excellent blog, RegimeChangeIran, is compiling extensive reports on the various bombings and reaction to them. According to those reports, many people believe it is the Regime itself perpetrating or carrying out these bombings in order to create an atmosphere of fear and dishonesty around the opposition groups seeking reform.

I do not know the truth, indeed no one really does outside the Iranian regime. My initial read, though, is that these bombings do come off feeling a lot like the suspected Syrian involvement in the assassination of Rafik Hariri in Lebanon. This would lead me to believe that the Iranian electorate would react in a similar way. Instead of giving into pressure from the Irarian regime, this may backfire and instead increase the cynicism of the Iranian protesters.

By all accounts, protests have increased in Iran over the past few days… and the reaction to them by the Iranian government appears to have increased in response.

One particular event that strikes me personally is the destruction by the Iranian government, of a number of homes in Mashad, in North-Eastern Iran. This is the city where my Iranian friend lives… hopefully she’s OK. I still haven’t heard from her or seen her online for a number of weeks. I can only hope that she stays safe.

I will be continuing my coverage of events in Iran as the election nears on Friday.

In the meantime lets continue to hope for more non-violent protests.

2 replies on “Iranian election scene gets ugly”

  1. I just discovered this blog. It’s excellent but so much to read.

    I predict that the mullahs won’t go quietly and Iranians may have to sacrifice a great deal in order to live in a democratic society ultimatel.

  2. The above comment was meant to refer to the blog you cited “A Daily Briefing on Iran”. It is truly excellent. It appears to be unbiased so I’m surprised you read it. 🙂

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