America votes strongly for Bush

You might find that headline puzzling given the obvious divisions currently at work in the US.

Here’s why I say that:

2000: Gore won the popular vote, Barely
2004: Bush wins by 3 Million votes.

2000: Democrats had slim majority in Senate (subsequently lost it.. but again, just barely)
2004: Bush held both the Senate and Congress… increasing his lead in the Senate.

2000: Gore only lost Florida by 500+ votes
2004: Kerry lost Ohio by 100,000+… in a state that was hit hardest by the struggling US Economy

The American people have said two things very clearly:

  • Iraq, National Security, and Foreign Policy were their biggest concerns.
  • They thought George W. Bush handle those issues best.


Like no other election this one is a message to the World. That message is, the US will continue the path it has chosen. The majority of Americans have said that they think the President is doing the right thing for America.

What will the world look like in 4 years?

No one can tell… but we can be certain that at least in the near future, things will not change.

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