Installing the Weather34 skin on WeeWx with Remote Web Server – 2021 Edition

Lots of Improvements, so a new Howto. Ian and the others at the Weather34 on Weewx project on GitHub have done a ton of work improving the skin including for remote web server operation. As a result this tutorial is MUCH shorter compared to the previous one.! This tutorial is meant for that new, improved [...]

Calls for Island Wide Public Transit gather steam

ACRD Board Decide to Investigate Public Transit At the ACRD Regional District meeting on Wednesday February 24 the Board did two things: They heard from Travis Wilson of Wilson Transportation/Tofino Bus on the situation they are facing, and then as a separate item they addressed the topic of inter-regional transit service. The Board decided to [...]

BC Transit needs to Step up on the Island

Dear ACRD Board Chair and Directors, --- This issue and letter was discussed at the February 10, ACRD Board Meeting. You can see it starting at 05:33 in the Youtube Video Below --- I have written a followup correspondence here. With the news of the Tofino Bus service suspension I hope it has become [...]