Predicting the result

My money is on a serious horse race.

We’re going to see dozens of ridings with vote spreads of less than 1000 votes between winner and 2nd place.

Final results?
UPDATE: I just realised (after the election) that my predictions add up wrong! there are only 308 seats… mine add up to 324! So I will knock 4 off each party to make it correct
Conservatives: 117
Liberal: 106
NDP: 30
Bloc: 55

In November, at the start of the campaign, I posted my predctions, they were:

Conservatives: 105
Liberals: 130
Bloc: 50
NDP: 21

Apparently… even I didn’t think the Liberal party would do this badly during the campaign. Time will tell which one of my predictions is closer… we already know the odds.

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